Publication 16th August: ‘Feeding Women of the Talmud, Feeding Ourselves’

16th August sees the publication of a lovely book I’ve been involved with – ‘Feeding Women of the Talmud, Feeding Ourselves’ (Jewish Food Hero).

This international project sets out to honour 69 Talmudic heroines with meditative re-tellings of their stories, drawing new meanings from the texts, accompanied by plant-based recipes themed for each tale. One of my own home recipes sits alongside Mollie Andron’s insightful piece; Brooklyn-based Mollie is the Associate Director of Rabbinical Education and Engagement at Hillel International.

In all, 129 women from around the world – rabbis and rabbinical students, teachers and thought leaders, chefs and home cooks – took part in this beautiful project from publishers Jewish Food Hero.

The book can be pre-ordered here; introductory video here.